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JM Solution Japan H9 Vitamin Ampoule Mask Clear 5pcs
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Brand JM Solution
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 3 cm x 15 cm
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A 9-component bottle in one, a bouretic acid mask that provides a moisturizing, concentrated moisture treatment for dry skin

Moisture-filled H9 mask 9 types of bouretic acid bring moisture-filled high-moisturizing bottle masks to the inside of the skin


Botanical moisturizing care 5 moisturizing botanical ingredients are moisturized to provide moisturizing and smoother skin


AIR-FIR tilament mask Light fit can reduce stimulation, improve the absorption of the bottle from the plant's tilament mask


Key Ingredients:


H9 COMPLEX , full-effect moisture care

: Contains 9 polyuric acid compounds, including medium-high and low molecules, Provides and stores moisture to the skin to form a moisture protective film that helps to provide moisture moisturizing care from inside the skin.


5-Moisturizing plant-based ingredients - Moisturizing storage effect

: Moisturizing plant-based ingredients from a company with excellent water storage capacity, even in a life-packed cactus plant in the desert, can also provide moisture in the skin, helping to maintain moisturizing for long periods of time.



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