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JM Solution Japan P9 Vitamin Ampoule Mask Clear 5pcs
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Brand JM Solution
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 3 cm x 15 cm
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A 9-component bottle in one, creating a concentrated anti-decay-resistant mask that is elastic and clear-looking skin care



Anti-Aging P9 Mask

Contains 9 peptide ingredients to bring elasticity to the depowered skin and a clear bottle of mask for the skin


Luxury elastic care

Contains truffles, horse oil and other precious ingredients, for the skin to bring elastic, moisturizing, calming and other care, to create a child's skin


Tight black mask

Perfect fit for skin, helps with the absorption of the bottle, resulting in a more elastic Japanese black mask


Key Ingredients:


P9 COMPLEX Elastic Anti-Aging Effect

: Peptide ingredients combined with more than two amino acids, when massed, become protein, giving lifeless skin vitality and helping to create a firm skin


Luxury elastic care and high moisturizing nutritional effects

: Rich in high moisturizing, nutritional lying, cherished ingredients, for damaged skin structure to bring tight care, help to create healthy skin.



Distributed By: Watdian Sdn Bhd ( 1293219-W ) / www.watdian.com

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