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Licin Licin Floor Wash
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Brand Licin Licin
Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 6 cm x 25 cm
Reward Points 16
Points Needed 1600
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Advance : 

- Tough Cleaning

- Superior Grease Cutting Power

- Slip Resistant

- Smooth Finish


Where to use:

Clean Sparking Floor Detergent is suitable for all outdoor coarse surfaces, and ideal for use on car porch, balcony, wet-kitchen area and cement flooring. Test on inconspicuous arae first before actual usage.


Licin - Licin Floor Wash - Tough Stain Remover for Outdoor Coarse

Clean Sparking Floor Detergent cuts through grease and grime fast. The powerful scent of pine lingers long after the job is done. Removes and clean dirt, grease, scuffmarks, food and beverage stains and mud stains without leaving a sticky residue.

Desinfects, repels insect, deodorizes and eliminates unpleasant odours leaving a pleasant natural pine oil scent with slip resistant results.

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900 ml Licin Licn Floor Wash x1